IS TROPICAL’s New Track “Fall” is Lush With Color and Hope

It’s a dreamy track that will brighten up your day.

September 24, 2015

London's IS TROPICAL is back with fall a new track from the third installment of the series “Fall/Lights On”, set to be released October 6. Laced with dreamy synth and sun kissed vocals, "Fall" is an empowering anthem that speaks of forgiveness and overcoming hard times. We’ll be just fine, I’ll hold you by my side, sings the band. Its colorful beat is addicting, and will give you a happiness high within seconds upon your first listen.


"'Fall' initially started out about watching people around me failing and fucking up everything they did, but getting no pleasure from it at all,” said IS TROPICAL in an email to The FADER. “There's a weird twisted part in humans that resent people doing well, and love it when people mess up their lives. This song is the opposite to that, acknowledging that even if someone is hopeless, it's often not their fault. They try but can never 'get it together'. It's very much about acceptance and forgiveness, but in a shake your head in disbelief with a smile on your face kind of way.”

IS TROPICAL’s New Track “Fall” is Lush With Color and Hope