Zomby Previews New EPs

L’t's Jam 1 & 2 arrive October 9.

September 25, 2015

"I have thousands of ideas," Zomby told FADER in 2010. "It’s neverending. Each one leads to a song. I make like 50 of a style, then leave that work a while. I’ll write a song on software in 15 minutes... I’ve made a million songs in my mind and say 5000 in reality, but neither is more real than another. They all exist."


Eight of those million will appear on two new EPs from the producer next month: Let's Jam 1 and Let's Jam 2. These releases mark Zomby's first alliance with the famed XL label. Today the producer teased both projects in a 59 second clip, so you can hear snippets of the material above. Zomby recently declared on Twitter, "Making these tracks was the most fucking fun I basically bought a bunch of new equipment and hit record."

Check out the full tracklists below, and revisit Zomby's FADER interview.


1. Surf I
2. Surf II
3. Slime
4. Acid Surf

1. Neon
2. Bloom
3. Peroxide
4. Xenon

Zomby Previews New EPs