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G Herbo And Lil Durk Air Out Fakes On “Ain’t Right”

Another new track from Ballin Like’I'm Kobe drops

September 26, 2015

If we're lucky, G Herbo's hotly anticipated new mixtape Ballin Like I'm Kobe will be out before the end of September. The Chicago rapper formerly known as Lil Herb knows how to deliver on long awaited projects, like the still-excellent Welcome To Fazoland, and the BLK tracks we've heard so far have been excellent. Have a listen to his Lil Durk collaboration "Ain't Right" below - it captures the most haunted, grief-stricken moments of Fazoland, blaming duplicitousness from those closest more than any rival faction. Durk, who is no stranger to sing-rapping about his own trauma, summarizes the stakes of the track with beautiful, tragic succinctness: "Where I'm from in my city my nigga / It's easy to make the news"

G Herbo And Lil Durk Air Out Fakes On “Ain’t Right”