Undefeated Flips Ellesse, We Flip Out

The L.A. brand snuck a clever European nod into their Fall 2015 drop.

October 01, 2015

As U.K. sportswear caught a wave this spring, random scrolls through eBay and backlogged blog posts researching vintage European brands led me to Ellesse, an Italian tennis line whose orange-slice logo and serif-heavy typeface was just goofy enough to feel really cool. Some old pieces caught my eye, but regrettably, not my wallet—even after M.I.A spit some stray bars on Instagram in a heather grey Ellesse hoodie a few days later. So it was a pleasant surprise when, during a visit to Undefeated's La Brea flagship in Los Angeles last week, I spotted a lowkey hoodie from their latest Fall drop that brilliantly ripped the Ellesse logo, a stand-out piece in their recent tribute to London sport silhouettes. You can still snag the Townie Hoodie in a few sizes and styles via Undefeated's webstore, or grab some OG Ellesse and brave shipping fees.


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Undefeated Flips Ellesse, We Flip Out