This Is What It’s Like When Taylor Swift Co-Signs Your Song

Kehlani, Alessia Cara, Phoebe Ryan, and more tell The FADER what it’s like being on T-Swift’s Instagram playlist.

October 08, 2015

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While Taylor Swift's coven is now well-known enough to be parodied on SNL, the world's biggest pop star posted an Instagram this week that welcomed a whole new set of friends into her fold. She shared a shot of a notebook page titled, "New Songs That Will Make Your Life More Awesome: (I Promise!)," with a list of songs from mostly upstart pop stars and bands. The FADER reached out to the artists on the playlist to find out what a co-sign from T-Swift means to them.

Erik Hassle, "No Words"

Erik Hassle: "I just finished playing before Tove Lo in Vancouver and was walking back to the dressing room when a nice lady from production showed me the picture. I think it is amazing and that she is supporting up and coming artists. It's a very nice thing with someone in her position - something more artist should do. I've been loving Taylor honestly from her lyrics since I first heard her a couple of years ago. I love how Taylor's music has evolved through working with Max Martin and Shellback. It made me really inspired and happy to feel her support. My social media has been going crazy since last night. I'm still going through all the nice things people are saying, much much love!"

Phoebe Ryan, "Mine"

Phoebe Ryan: "Are you kidding me, it was like Christmas seeing my name on that list. I don't think Taylor will ever understand what her support means to me... and I'm on there with some amazing artists which makes it that much better."

Seinabo Sey, "Poetic"

Seinabo Sey: “It was actually the first thing that reached me on my 25th birthday, so I'll have to say I woke up to a great surprise! She seems like a nice person, I'm glad she likes my track. I've heard the song is climbing on the charts now and I've got a bunch of new followers, inspiring to see what an impact she has.”

Hudson Thames ft. Hailee Steinfeld, "How I Want Ya"

Hudson Thames: "I think that this is less a testament to my song then it is a testament to what kind of artist Taylor Swift is. She is on top, yet constantly going out of her way to support music, and those who make it. Big or small. But who am I kidding. Knowing T Swizzle got down to my song made me blush like a little school girl."

Frankie, "New Obsession"

Frankie: "I was having dinner with my girlfriends when my phone started buzzing a lot. So I opened Instagram, wondering what everyone was tagging me in, and then proceeded to freak out. At first I thought it was a mistake, but then I saw that it was handwritten and freaked out even more. I'm a huge fan of Taylor, I respect her as an artist and as a person, so it is truly exciting to be recognized and complimented by her. It's so validating to be on that list with so many amazing artists that are bubbling with me. I love that Taylor encourages and supports so many musicians of all levels and I'm just extremely flattered that she digs my music and put me on the list."

Kehlani ft. Coucheron, "Alive"

Kehlani: "When I saw the post, I was at my house painting and shrooming lol. I was super excited because she's an amazing songwriter and wonderful influence on women and music. I think Taylor is one of the most hardworking and influential girls of our time, and has really shown and proved that hard work makes greatness. A cosign from t swift is like a confirmation that I'm writing good songs."

Alessia Cara, "I'm Yours"

Alessia Cara: "I woke up in England to a million tweets and messages from people telling me what she did. Of course, I checked and once again, a mini heart attack occurred. I think a huge and influential artist like Taylor noticing and sharing my music is such a cool thing. she doesn't have to go out of her way like that, you know? Very, very nice and amazing of her."

EMMI, "Sleep On It"

Emmi: "I woke up this morning to a few tweets from fans, retweeting Taylor’s post. At first, I thought it was a wind up or a fake account at first. But when I went onto her account and saw it was the real deal, I literally fell out of bed with excitement. I’ve always admired Taylor. As an artist, a songwriter, a business woman and a person. So to have a shout out about my music from her… well, I haven’t stopped smiling all day. I’m struggling to think of a bigger compliment."

Louis The Child, "It's Strange"

Robby Hauldren: "I had just gotten out of a movie and looked at my phone and saw I had tons of texts and Facebook messages. I opened up one text and it said something about Taylor Swift and twitter. I looked at her twitter and when I saw the photo I freaked out. I think it's awesome that such an influential artist wanted to share some new music she's been listening to.Taylor is incredibly talented and 1989 had so many hits on it that it's crazy to know she likes our music. It's just such a huge honor for us and something neither of us would never have seen coming."

Freddy Kennett: I just got home and checked my messages on Facebook, and someone had sent me a screenshot of Taylor's book. I called my parents into the room to see it and we were all freaking out. It meant so much to see that she liked the song. I would have been excited to know that she privately likes it! But the fact that she posted it online felt amazing."


(Representatives for M.I.A. and El Vy did not return request for comments.)

This Is What It’s Like When Taylor Swift Co-Signs Your Song