Listen To A New Chairlift Song, “Ch-Ching”

Courtesy of Beats 1 Radio.

October 15, 2015

Chairlift shared fresh material this week in the form of "Ch-Ching," a track that mixes modern drum programming with a surprising brass section. "I feel like it's been a while since we've released anything," Caroline Polachek told Zane Lowe in an interview on Beats 1 Radio. "It's always sort of a reinvention every time."


"Ch-Ching" was partially inspired by New York City. "This record for us is very much about the experience of living in New York, which hit us pretty hard after getting back from the last tour," Polachek explained. "Patrick and I have lived here for ten years now, and it's such a multi-dimensional place. 'Ch-Ching'... is sort of about that feeling of getting lucky and not really realizing what just hit you and rolling with it and pretending that everything is absolutely fine and normal. That's the kind of moment that people move to New York for: to be handed an opportunity that's bigger than you are and to roll with it."

Listen above, and revisit Chairlift's FADER interview.

Listen To A New Chairlift Song, “Ch-Ching”