Dzang Makes Music For Journeys With No Destination

Watch the visuals for “Ima Get Em Like,” the first single off the LA artist’s forthcoming Lotion.

October 23, 2015


When I visited Germany for the first time, I stayed with Dzang, aka Adam Gunther, a good friend from high school. He booked us an impromptu trip to Hamburg, so we took a night train from Berlin's Hauptbahnhof Station. With cold beers nestled between us we sat in silence, awed by the subtle shapes of the shifting black landscape.

His new release, "Ima Get Em Like," and its trippy visuals directed by Jay Dockendorf, captures the soft magic of the solitude of travel. Or as Dzang describes it in an email to The FADER, "journey[s] with no destination." The first track off his Lotion LP, due out November 20th via his label DzangRecs, is a ambient mash of electronic and acoustic instruments that comes together with a pulsing, pleasing alchemy.

Dzang gave more of a thoughtful analysis of his work in his email and describes the track as, "not a single per se, but the way into the record, an overture."

"It contains a lot of the elements that Lotion goes on to explore more fully: dance rhythms, improvisational composition, ambient production and the mixing of electronic and acoustic instruments," he said. "Molly Sarle, the vocalist, is the female protagonist whose voice ties the whole record together. After she performed these vocals in one continuous and improvised go, I knew that they had to be the core of a song. Now it's a comedown ululation that gives me chills every time I hear it."

Dzang Makes Music For Journeys With No Destination