7 Nail Designs For A #WitchSet Halloween

A little witchspiration for the season 💅👻.

October 29, 2015

Halloween can be daunting for many reasons: anxiety about impending sugar comas, stress over finding the perfect costume, fear of all scary things, pumpkin carving-induced carpal tunnel. Regardless, preparing for a prosperous and fleek-y Halloween can mean more than finding the hippest costume or creepiest fit. With excitement about nail art still in overdrive, here are seven of our favorite witchy nail designs to upgrade your Halloween costume.

2. Step on a crack, and you’ll break your mother’s back. Get a nail chipped, and in a coffin you’ll sit.

💀 #fbf 💀💅🏼 gettin in the spoooky season wit coffin & crossbones #nailart with @flossgloss 'Black Holy'✨

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3. These mystical, dangling adornments double as tools for hypnotism, too. Just FYI.
5. Mom wouldn’t let you pierce your ears, but she didn’t say anything about your nails.

Pierced nails for @id_magazine 2014 winter issue 💅

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6. Getting potion-mixing vibes from these babies.


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7. This interpretation of “four eyes” feels a bit more evil than it does nerdy chic, and we're into it.

Cat eye 🐆❤️ #love @kaykayboom #meisapartment

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7 Nail Designs For A #WitchSet Halloween