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Watch Hannah Diamond’s “Hi” Video

A new visual from PC Music.

November 02, 2015

Bradley & Pablo directed the clip for Hannah Diamond's new single, "Hi." A. G. Cook produced the track, which explores the dynamics of online interactions. "The song is the story of an online relationship," Diamond explained in a statement. "Not with one specific person, but with all the people you interact with, and how it can often feel really isolating in online spaces despite being constantly surround by others." She added, "It's been insightful seeing first-hand the conclusions people draw on what is considered 'real' with reference to people, and particularly girls, who live a lot of their lives in online spaces. As someone who has regularly had their own authenticity challenged since I started releasing music, this aspect feels very personal to me." Watch above, and read about PC Music and the limitations of parody.

Watch Hannah Diamond’s “Hi” Video