WoodzSTHLM Battles “Recurring Nightmares” In “Underwater”

The Swedish producer continues to explore dark emotions on a new EP.

November 03, 2015

WoodzSTHLM's newest single "Underwater" is, in his telling, "my way to depict one of my recurring nightmares where I get pulled down below [the surface], I think it is a manifestation of my fear to let people down."

But the Swedish producer's track isn't all gloom and doom—it plays as a fight between a sludgy, threatening bass and other, more buoyant elements: Flores' floating vocals, rat-a-tat drums, and an unidentifiable instrument that repeats a simple, hypnotic riff.


"Underwater" will appear on the Lighthouse EP, out through WoodzSthlm's very own Mångata Records. According to the producer, "Lighthouse is the sequel to the story in [his last EP], Yearwalk. Instead of focusing on confusion and isolation, Lighthouse will be more oriented toward depression and despair."

Listen below.

WoodzSTHLM Battles “Recurring Nightmares” In “Underwater”