Rustie Releases Surprise Album EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE

Like a Glaswegian Beyoncé.

November 05, 2015

After releasing two new tracks and teasing his new release yesterday, Rustie has gone and dropped a surprise album called EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE. Coming with the warning "Caution: steep bass drops and dolphins ahead," as well as some of the most cheerfully bright artwork we've seen in forever, it's a cinematic sugar rush and a surprise that's bound to lighten up your week. Stream the album here or get it here; see the artwork, and check the official album credits, below.

Album credits:

Written by Rustie
Produced by Rustie
Extra vocals by Rustie
Guitar by Rustie
Art direction by Rustie
Photography by Rustie

Rustie Releases Surprise Album EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE