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Alt-Pop Duo Bernard + Edith Nearly Died Making Their New Video

But they didn’t, and now you can watch it here.

November 09, 2015

Manchester-based duo Bernard + Edith quietly released their excellent debut album of muted alt-pop jams, Jem, on Bella Union earlier this year. Along with downcast beats and trippy melodies, their music comes with lyricism that bites, which is nowhere more obvious than on "Crocodile," a tune they tell The FADER over email is "about a girl being young and trying to have a good time, but instead being hassled by older men, who think she wants their attention. It's a reflection of how the girl feels about those men, and how she wants them to leave her alone."


They also apparently love a bit of danger. While shooting the "Crocodile" video with director Liam Healy, the duo remember: "we were filming in a rock lagoon by a beach, when the tide came in without anyone noticing. The water cut us off from any way of getting out of there so we had to climb barefoot, half-naked up a 20 foot rock face. It was terrifying. One slip and someone could have been in serious trouble." Perhaps even more worryingly, they add: "A music video of ours isn't a music video without a near-death experience, that wasn't the first time something like that has happened." Watch the result above, and check Bernard + Edith's upcoming tour dates below.

Tour dates:

O2 Apollo - Manchester (uk)
+ Everything Everything

Le Hangar - Li�ge (be)

King Tuts - Glasgow (uk)


The Hope and Ruin - Brighton (uk)

Alt-Pop Duo Bernard + Edith Nearly Died Making Their New Video