Listen To DoNormaal Put It All On The Line With “Jump Or Die”

“It’s scary and overwhelming, and that’s why I let myself scream, and cry, and dance, and laugh in my music.”

November 11, 2015

24-year-old Californian DoNormaal describes herself as "desert-bred." But following a move to particularly moist Seattle, she wasted no time embracing her new environment. It was the Emerald City that spurred her 2014 self-titled debut EP, and she has been playing shows steadily both around the city and with the 69/50 arts movement she co-founded.

DoNormaal's music is also adaptable—it pulls together a driven, rhythmic vocals and swirling, abstract California vibes. Her new album, Jump or Die, builds on her debut with a more reflective rhymes and a smoother production. There's also a drop of Seattle grunge in there, but DoNormaal will never forget the desert she's from.


Of the project, DoNormaal told The FADER: "It’s this sweet and sad acceptance, a harmonious headspace I could reach standing at the edge of a cliff when I realize that the fall is actually just life, and then I jump so that I can live it."

Stream DoNormal's Jump or Die below.

Listen To DoNormaal Put It All On The Line With “Jump Or Die”