Shy Luv Gives Dua Lipa A Darker Side On A “Be The One” Remix

The bright track gets a trap makeover.

November 16, 2015

Dua Lipa, the 19-year-old phenom from London, put out her second song, "Be The One," less than a month ago. It's an earworm about deep promises, filled with love and light, and it doesn't disappoint as a followup to her debut single "New Love."


While Dua's smoky voice adds intense mystery to the airy instrumental, a remix from Shy Luv premiering on The FADER today gives the track a truly darker side. Producer Jake Norman from Shy Luv told The FADER over email that the beat was heavily influenced by the group's new digs.

"We made this beat in the basement of mine and Sam's new place," he said. "There's a dark, trappy, underground feel to it down there, so we wanted that to come through in the remix. We've worked with Dua before so was really great to be able to remix her. She's the gal and the original is a banger."

This remix will do more than hold you over until there's more Dua Lipa for you.

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Shy Luv Gives Dua Lipa A Darker Side On A “Be The One” Remix