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Belgian Singer Tsar B Makes An Ominous Entrance With “Escalate”

Her contorted R&B beats are dark, but her voice brings you into the light.

November 18, 2015

Belgian artist Tsar B’s debut single makes an ominous entrance, with its churning R&B beats, pitched-down effects and sighing vocals that curl around the track like sweet pipe smoke.

"A whole spectrum of colours appears when I listen to music,” Tsar B explained to The FADER in an email. “If I could place my music somewhere in there, it would approach the darker side. It’s a bit like the colour of what I think a space oddyssey would look like."


"'Escalate' is about the lack of wisdom or the lack of sense certain people have,” added the singer, who is currently unsigned. "But I do feel powerful to change them do believe there’s a way to hit them in their faces and make them a little bit better.” Stream the track below.

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Belgian Singer Tsar B Makes An Ominous Entrance With “Escalate”