Brooklyn Duo Washer Premiere “Figure Me Out”

A heartwarming slacker rock smasher about existential dread.

November 19, 2015

Mike Quigley (on guitar and bass) and Kieran McShane (on drums) are the two dudes who make up Washer. Since forming in late 2013, the duo have become something of a staple in what's left of the Brooklyn DIY scene. And now, they are gearing up to release their full length debut, Here Comes Washer via Exploding In Sound Records on January 22nd, 2016. Today, the band is sharing "Figure Me Out," a slacker rock smasher with severe pop inclinations.

An earnest, frank, and heartwarming meditation on existential dread, the track came to be when Quigley "had been singing the vocal melody with nonsense words for a while and the 'I don't wanna die' line popped up," as he told The FADER over e-mail. So, he took that "as a starting point and worked backward to see why that would be the refrain of the song." Quigley continued: "It sounds kind of silly, but it's me examining what I would lose in death and how that might affect someone close to me. That seems a little dark but overall I think it's positive to take stock of where you're at and what you have.”


Well, I'm with you, Quigley, and this sentiment isn't silly at all. "Figure Me Out" is fully warm and invigorating, and when Quigley sings Feel like I'm getting old, it makes me think of all the times I feel old, and how important it is for me to figure myself out before I, you know, peace out from this earth. Plus, this song rocks.

Stream "Figure Me Out" below, and preorder Washer's full length debut Here Comes Washer here

Brooklyn Duo Washer Premiere “Figure Me Out”