Moxie’s “How To Feel” Is A Cuffing Season Anthem For The Brokenhearted

You might need to put your phone on airplane mode for this one.

November 23, 2015

Moxie, the New York-based singer-songwriter, is back with her latest single, "How To Feel." It's one of those heart-wrenching tracks that comes along mid-cuffing season as a beacon of hope for those still reeling in their feelings from past relationships. Amid piano chords and finger-snaps, Moxie reminisces on a love turned sour: See these tattered clothes, see these streets we used to roam. But these images aren't invoked with much sentimentality—this sets Moxie apart from Adele, for example—rather, there is an aching undercurrent of apathy throughout.

Speaking to The FADER over email, Moxie said that she wrote the song "about being numb, which was pretty foreign and uncharted for me since sensitive had been my first, middle, and last name." As for the song's inspiration, Moxie added, "I had reached a point where that little spark of desire to be loved or to love had just burnt out. I felt indifferent. I guess my skin had gotten so thick from a string of things that nothing could really penetrate or light me anymore."


Moxie has a mixtape due out in early next year, so keep an eye out for more from her soon. Until then, feel free to run "How To Feel" back on repeat, and put your phone on airplane mode. You'll thank me later.

Moxie’s “How To Feel” Is A Cuffing Season Anthem For The Brokenhearted