Prince Innocence Premiere Haunted “Manic” Video

As pretty and chilling as the song.

December 02, 2015

Prince Innocence's "Manic" is as desolate, diaphanous, and—perhaps literally ghostly—as the song itself. Directed and edited by Talvi, one half the Toronto synthpop duo, spotlights a couple who appear to be both on the verge of breakup and trapped in a home together.


In addition to whatever love has been lost, the house in which the video was filmed is also the former abode of a late family friend of Talvi's. As he told The FADER: "‘Manic’ was shot in a house out in Etobicoke that belonged to a friend of my families that had just passed away. My uncle was in charge of auctioning off her estate as all her relatives are very old and live in Estonia. She had a kind of tragic, tumultuous life—something that I started to see in eerie juxtaposition with the cheerful, kitschy '70s decor. I became obsessed with the house the first time I saw it. I wanted Josh and I to be acting as the ghosts of that house living out empty stylized moments in a sort of continuous loop."

It really is beautiful, if a bit chill—watch "Manic" above.

Prince Innocence Premiere Haunted “Manic” Video