Watch Chynna’s Creepy Video For “The Conversation”

The MC pays homage to Alfred Hitchcock.

December 29, 2015

Chynna has an effective strategy to grab your attention: she raps quietly in a low monotone, making you lean in and listen harder to discern her words. Don't mistake her lack of volume for weakness, though: Take a shot of whiskey in a black cup/ Vodka make these niggas want to act tough/ Run up on my niggas like a Mack truck/ You ain't never seen this type of action. The beat for "The Conversation" is made by 5th Dmnsn, and it perfectly suits the MC's delivery—soft, pleasant synths melding with brittle rhythms.


In the clip for the song, directed by Tanner Jarman, Chynna reaches back the 1963 movie The Birds, directed by suspense-master Alfred Hitchcock. In that film, an assortment of winged creatures launch a series of ruthless assaults on humans. As the rapper wonders through the clip for "The Conversation," she keeps encountering people who have been pecked to death.

In an email, Chynna tells FADER what she likes about The Birds: "The ability to induce fear with literally the truth about something instead of a bunch of gore and shit. Playing on people's fears." She explores similar topics in her song.

Watch above, and look for a full-length from the rapper in 2016.

Watch Chynna’s Creepy Video For “The Conversation”