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11 Pieces Of Loungewear That Are Worth The Investment

In 2016, there’s no reason not to own fancy sweatpants.

January 12, 2016

My biggest takeaway from the Marie Kondo frenzy of 2015 was a simple one: invest in clothes to do nothing in. Kondo cautions that many of her clients hold onto ratty old T-shirts and sweatpants with holes, arguing that it's wasteful to throw away something they could still just as easily sleep in. But the quality of the clothes you lounge in has a direct impact on how you feel about lounging. Lazing around in bed watching Alias on Netflix feels substantially more luxurious and productive in silk pajamas, or ultra-soft jersey, or a sweatshirt you'd just as likely wear out. I'm not talking about investing in high-end clothing that looks like loungewear, though that's all well and good. This is about spending money on clothing that's actually built to withstand the most crushing conditions of Doing Absolutely Nothing. Here are some pieces to get you started.

11 Pieces Of Loungewear That Are Worth The Investment