CFCF Is About To Make You Feel Veeeeeery Relaxed

The potential Grammy winner’s new album could not be more soothing.

January 12, 2016

CFCF was recently nominated for a Grammy—the song that got the nod is a hard-to-track-down remix of Max Richter (!?)—which is really random but also really reassuring. Someone on high is paying great attention, however unexpectedly. “I’ve obviously accepted that it is a real thing that is happening,” the Montreal producer born Michael Silver explained over email. “But the idea of actually going—like getting dressed up that day and getting into a car or whatever and going to the thing and being like, Yes I Am Supposed to Be Here—that is not real yet, and probably won’t ever be.”

On February 19, just a few days after the awards ceremony, CFCF will take a much-deserved break, so to speak, with the release of a mini-LP called On Vacation. It's the second On Vacation album in an ongoing series by International Feel, and in a recent phone call, label founder Mark Barrott called it “possibly our best-ever release.”


The funky “Sate Padang,” premiering here today, is the first the world's heard of it—like "Naive Melody" mixed with a parade of exotic birds. CFCF says his take on the “on vacation” concept aims to conjure “a kind of Mediterranean romance, and, frankly, boredom, whether at home or on the road—the kind of fertile boredom that produces ideas or personal resolve.” Whatever idle time helped feed this track, it was time wasted to the fullest.

CFCF Is About To Make You Feel Veeeeeery Relaxed