Taiwanese Rapper Aristophanes Comes Into Her Own With “Fly To The Moon”

Grimes’ collaborator on “Scream” shares a track off her debut EP.

January 12, 2016

Aristophanes is the Taiwanese rapper whose snappy flow and heartfelt delivery—all in Mandarin—caught Grimes’ ear for wild Art Angels track “Scream.” Following that boost, Aristophanes debuts “Fly To The Moon,” with cosmic pop production by New Yorker the range, and featuring a yearning vocal hook—in English—by Hong Kong’s Tien. Their contributions help to showcase the narrative verses, delivered with the punch of drama and the lilt of poetry, which Aristophanes explained over email to The FADER as follows:

“It's about a trip from Earth to outer space. In the song, I want to leave because I am tired of living here. The moon looks great to explore, and outer space makes me feel free. It's like a magical moment, after the dust turns to green, I step on the water drop floating in air to the moon (which is inspired by Italo Calvino). But when I am finally in the outer space, I start to miss my beloved people on earth. I feel both lonely and free simultaneously. I can't help but think everything I have done betrays the people who I care about, who're still living in the dangerous town on earth. Then I realize I can never truly run away from my family, my country and my identity no matter how deeply I am disappointed by them. They're like a giant transparent tattoo on my back, and even after I die, this will happen to the next generation. It's so-called ‘destiny.’”


“Fly To The Moon” is taken from Aristophanes’ debut EP No Rush To Leave Dreams, coming soon.

Taiwanese Rapper Aristophanes Comes Into Her Own With “Fly To The Moon”