G Herbo Battles Himself In The “L’s” Video

“I can’t right my wrongs/ So I just write my songs.”

January 15, 2016

I was everything I wasn't supposed to be, G Herbo raps in "L's," a song about his path away from a life of violence. In the streets, ditchin' school, murder, drugs around me/ Rappin' it just found me, thank God it wasn't in county/ Buncha shootouts, lucky that them bullets went around me/ God was with me, jumped straight in that water, it ain't drown me.


In the black and white clip for the track, Herbo narrowly avoids getting shot by a pair of gunmen. He returns fire and chases down one assailant; it turns out the rapper is at war with himself. Nathan R. Smith and Sebastian Sdaigui directed the video; watch above.

G Herbo Battles Himself In The “L’s” Video