Stream Yen Tech’s Debut Full-Length, Mobis

Coming through the back/ Into the blood rave.

January 26, 2016

Nick Newlin, a.k.a. Yen Tech, has debuted his first full-length album, Mobis today via Farcast. With high energy electronic-infused beats and anomalous verses like I was molded in the dark, Tom Hardy Bane/ Overindulging I might be limitless/ They check my Psycho Pass and Do you have a problem with me bitch?/ Am I just too mysterious?, Mobis is a crazy, apocalyptic sci-fi fever dream.

“Yen Tech started as an outlet to create music and art as my own avatar, or idealized 'virtual self,'" Newlin told The FADER in an email. "On Mobis (an acronym for Mobile-System) I wanted to take this idea further, and make a rap record that resembles something closer to immersive theater, or next-gen gaming—an inescapable, hi-res final fantasy that I’ve trapped myself in. To me, the album operates almost like a form of futuristic audio-Kabuki, or digital fairytale. On the surface it functions purely as entertainment—but at its core I want to hint at something more brutal, labyrinthian and allegoric.”


Stream all of Mobis below.

Stream Yen Tech’s Debut Full-Length, Mobis