This Is What “Mike Boyd Voice” Means In Georgia

In the ninth episode of The Slang Show, Rome Fortune explains how his manager inspired a phrase that’s growing in popularity.

February 04, 2016

When Rome Fortune stopped by The FADER's offices a while back, the Atlanta artist introduced us to a nascent piece of slang he claims is on the rise in Georgia. The phrase, "Mike Boyd Voice," takes inspiration from Fortune's own manager and his allegedly over-serious, straight-laced manner of speaking. You really have to see Fortune's impression to fully understand how to use the term, which works as a noun, a verb, or even as an asterisk on Twitter. Help Rome Fortune help Mike Boyd get a cult following for his "remarkable voice."


Watch the ninth installment of The Slang Show to find out what "Mike Boyd Voice" means in Atlanta, and stay tuned to The FADER for more on your favorite artists' favorite colloquialisms.

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This Is What “Mike Boyd Voice” Means In Georgia