Journalism Premieres The Hypnotic “Faces I”

The second single from their upcoming debut album Faces, due March 4th, leaves you in a trance full of good vibes.

February 09, 2016

Journalism's new record Faces, due out March 4th on Dead Stare Records, will take on some of the joys and confusions of what it means to be a 20-something creative in 2016, specifically in the rock-n-roll genre; "an in-depth piece on the existential anxieties and personal triumphs associated with life as a post-graduate pursuing a creative outlet," as the band's vocalist Kegan Zema described.

Premiering today is "Faces I," an anthem for all those 20-something creatives out there. The uptempo bass and guitar riffs give the song a perpetual groove contrasting somewhat with Zema's raspy delivery of the lyrics. His voice brings up imagery of gravel on velvet as he belts out the barely audible chorus Playing rock and roll/ No one hears the words.


But there's a reason for that says Zema. "The minutiae are brought to the forefront of the driving beat—we are moving toward something. The chorus features the snarky and nearly indecipherable lines Playing rock and roll/ No one hears the words cascading along with the guitar line" Zema told The FADER through email. "It highlights the stark but prevalent dichotomy of pouring emotion into your work only to blast it out inside tiny venues."

Listen to "Faces I" below, and pre-order Faces here.


2/10 - New York, NY @ Mercury Lounge
2/13 - Brooklyn, NY @ IDIO Gallery
2/25 - Brooklyn, NY @ Gateway
3/04 - Brooklyn, NY @ Silent Barn
3/05 - Portland, ME @ Empire
3/06 - Boston, MA @ O'Brien's

Journalism Premieres The Hypnotic “Faces I”