Here Are 101 Possible Titles For Kanye West’s New Album T.L.O.P.

The right answer has to be in here somewhere.

February 09, 2016

Kanye West tweeted last night that his new album, formerly called So Help Me God, and Swish, and Waves, had a new title—T.L.O.P.


It's unclear what those letters stand for, but Kanye promised his followers that the first one to guess the correct title will get a pair of Yeezys and tickets to the MSG show where he's premiering the album and Yeezy Season 3.

So I got to work and came up with 101 possible album titles for T.L.O.P. One of these has to be right.

Three Last Orange Pancakes
Three Lost Open Packages
Trumpet Lumping Of Pernil
Try Losing Obvious Pain
Try Lobsters On Punkd
Ten Leaves On Patio
Ten Leaves On Porches
Ten Lumps Of Punk
Ten Licks Of Post-its
Trap Lords On Peachtree
Ten Lumps Of Powder
Trump Loves Obvious Passing
Tenuous Last Ovulating People
Try Leaving Our Paris
Try Leaving Our Party
Try Leaving Our Punishment
Try Leaving Our Prison
The Life Of Paris
The Life Of Peyton
The Life Of Pokemon
The Life Of Pauly [Shore]
Truck Luck Of Puck
Tyler Looking Overly Petty
Trainwreck Looping Over Played
The Loopy Omarion Plot
Traipsing Loosely Off Pterodactyls
Tripping Like Other Persons
Trading Lakes Over Peaks
Turbotax Links On Purple
TV Lives On Point
Telephone Lines Off Position
The Last Of Pain
The Last Of Panko
This Last Of Pulchritude
This Last Open Promise
That Lasting Opus, Please
The L Of Pleasure
Total Love Of Pancakes
Total Love Of Problems
Total Love Of Petunias
Total Love Of Pussy
Total Lover Of Pansexuals
Total Love Of Pincushions
Total Love Of Punching
That L Of Permanence
Too Leafy Obviously, Punk
To Lead Off Precious
Top Leader Of Pudding
The Leaflet Of Pinkies
The Life Of Ponies
The Life Of Pi
The Life Of Pyramids
The Life Of Pitchfork
The Life Of Papa [Johns]
Three Lines Of Peeps
Ten Lines Of Psychology
Twenty Limes Of Perpetuity
Thirty Likes On Periscope
Thousand Loves Off Phones
Tim Lonnie Ophelia Perry
Take Louvre Off Paris
Tidal Login Over Price
Terry Legend Of Podcasts
Tlop Lop Op P
This Lady Off Picasso
Tight Lip Of Pomegranate
That Loser Over Pears
This Life Of Pearls
Thirsty Love Of Peach
The Love Of Potatoes
The Love Of Presidency
The Love Of Parents
The Love Of Pete
The Love Of Puddles
The Love Of Pets
The Love Of Pasta
The Love Of PR
Treasure Language Off Pirates
Trump’s Legs On Pillows
Trunk Luggage On Plane
Trunk Luggage Off Planes
Tory Lanez Or P. Reign
Tropical Leaves On Play
Tropical Lovers On Pineapples
Take Leave, Original Pushover
To Lump On Pranks
Twitter Lord Of Power
Tumblr Loser Of Power
Time Lies Optimus Prime
Tastes Like Old Pie
Tastes Like Open Pumpkin
Tastes Like Orange Popsicles
Tastes Like Other
Tastes Like Ocean Plankton
Tastes Like Otter Pubes
Tings Love On Platinum
Terrible Lice Off Pencils
That Logo’s Obviously Permanent
Toronto Line’s Obviously Perfect
➕🍆🅾 🅿
T-Pain Legend Of Pancakes

Here Are 101 Possible Titles For Kanye West’s New Album T.L.O.P.