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A Stockholm Label Is Going To Be Releasing Music As Sculptures

And first single, Celyn June’s “Teeth, Like Perfume,” sounds like how abstract art looks.

A Stockholm Label Is Going To Be Releasing Music As Sculptures Photo credit: Emmy Andersson

Swedish producer Celyn June's new track "Teeth, Like Perfume" is what an abstract painting sounds like. More specifically, it's what a Jackson Pollock painting might sound like. Waves of odd sounds cascade over your eardrums and, like any great piece of art, it will take a few times mulling it over to see how you really feel about it.


Taken from June's forthcoming Location EP, "Teeth, Like Perfume" is literally a collage of sounds. "This track consists of variations from a 'randomly' generated MSP patch, a bunch of forgotten samples from the web and a very personal field recording," June told The FADER via email. "It takes place in a feverish state where things and assumptions seems to connect in unexpected ways. A vague sensation of belonging, and possibly identification."

Stockholm label Worldwide International, or W-I for short, will release Celyn June's Location EP this spring via their own music medium, Relic.

"I’d had this idea for a while about building weird sculptures that also would act as music players with audio jacks, with the look of the sculpture being a visual representation of the music inside, but never really did anything with it," W-I's Oliver told The FADER about Relic over email. "Way later I noticed that because of how quick technology is advancing, mp3-players on Aliexpress (that include most of the technical parts I would need) had become cheap enough to turn this idea into a solution for the problem I was having, making it a viable option to vinyl and tapes. Each Relic release will have a different design and be a visual representation of the music, so this one will basically look like what the track below sounds like."

A Stockholm Label Is Going To Be Releasing Music As Sculptures