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Watch Elsa y Elmar’s Whimsical Video For “Planeando el Tiempo”

The Colombian singer’s new video is as playful and delicate as new love.

February 17, 2016

Colombian songstress Elsa y Elmar's video for "Planeando el Tiempo" is the perfect pairing to the beautifully delicate song, which is about the rather stressful feeling of planning (in this case, quite exhaustively) to tell someone you like like them. In it, Elsa Y Elma dances around in cute floral frocks that bleed into her backdrop and spins while she sings Yo llevo tiempo queriendo/ Llevo tiempo soñando/ De cada noche y en la mañana. (Loosely, I've been wanting to love/ Wanting to dream/ Every night and morning)


"This video," Elsa y Elmar told The FADER through email, "is a playful demonstration of what the song says and sounds like in my head: a lonesome girl meticulously planning how to tell someone she's madly in love."

Watch Elsa y Elmar’s Whimsical Video For “Planeando el Tiempo”