White Lung Announces Paradise Album, Sh”res "H”ngry" Video

“We did a lot of things unnatural to rock records.”

February 23, 2016

The members of White Lung recently sat down with St. Vincent to discuss their new album. "I wanted a record that sounded like it was made in 2016," guitarist Kenneth William explained. "I didn’t want it to sound like any old bands that already existed. We always get compared to dated bands that I don’t think we sound like at all."


White Lung recruited Lars Stalfors to produce Paradise. "Lars’ stuff sounded the most modern," Williams continued. "A lot of bands are going for this retro analog or fake analog tape, old-vintage-guitars-sound. For this band and this record, I thought that it made more sense to push forward. We did it all on Pro Tools, so we were able to change anything whenever we wanted and hear stuff immediately. Sometimes we would hack it up, fuck with it. We did a lot of things unnatural to rock records."

Mish Barber-Way summarized the new album succintly: "Paradise is the best songwriting we have ever done, and I expect the next record to be the same."


The band also shared the video for "Hungry," which Justin Gradin directed and Barber-Way co-wrote. The star of the clip is Amber Tamblyn, who also acted in Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants and The Ring.

Paradise is due out May 6. Check out the tracklist below.

1. Dead Weight
2. Narcoleptic
3. Below
4. Kiss Me When I Bleed
5. Demented
6. Sister
7. Hungry
8. I Beg You
9. Vegas
10. Paradise

White Lung Announces Paradise Album, Sh”res "H”ngry" Video