Chelsea Wolfe Shares Brooding New Track “Hypnos”

A darkly enchanting new EP from the artist is on the way.

February 29, 2016

Chelsea Wolfe's new song “Hypnos” is a love song with a Nosferatu just beginning to bear down on it. This cocktail of passion and despair was struck on her previous album, 2015's Abyss, and “Hypnos” is a B-side taken from that album's sessions. The song's spare, shrouded acoustic balladry projects an unwinnable battle for love, or at least the appearance of it: “Oh honey, I'll put up a fight with death / He's never coming near my love again. ”

When we interviewed Wolfe a few years back, she was as unconcerned with sentimentality in her music as she is now. “I think often sometimes people forget how much hardship can go into love and making love and a relationship work. I think it’s presented to us from the time we’re children as something that should be so easy and perfect and beautiful, but it actually takes a lot of patience and a lot of sweat and tears.”


“Hypnos” will be included with another previously unreleased song for the “Hypnos / Flame” 7". Pre-order that here. It's out April 1 on Sargent House.

Chelsea Wolfe Shares Brooding New Track “Hypnos”