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Icelandic Duo Throws Premiere Seriously Kooky Video For “The Harbour”

It’s an ode to being true to yourself.

March 01, 2016

Reykjavik-based duo Throws are releasing their as yet to be titled debut album, which was recorded in an Icelandic industrial fishing harbor, and will be out on Full Time Hobby (UK) and Thrill Jockey (US) in June. The first track off that project is "The Harbour," a guitar and synth-heavy first anthem about being proud of your own kooky self that is premiering today on The FADER along with an appropriately wacky video. In it, the video's performs the impressive stunt of skiing on his head while the song proclaims, We are human.


“The Harbour is an ode to being true to yourself and if people can't deal with the true you, then they're not the people for you," the band told The FADER in an email. "Hold onto the strange and wondrous wonky parts of your personality, and treasure those parts of your loved ones. Headstand Skiing Man is doing exactly that, and we treasure those strong arms, balancing legs, tough neck and badass jumpsuit, we want you just as you are, the one and only innovative, stylish head stand Skier!!”

Watch "The Harbour" above and get psyched to be true to you.

Icelandic Duo Throws Premiere Seriously Kooky Video For “The Harbour”