Garage Rocker Ron Gallo Premieres "Kill The Medicine Man"

A meditation on self-medication from the garage rock trio’s new record Heavy Meta.

March 10, 2016

Ron Gallo is a rock and roll trio led by—you guessed it—Ron Gallo. Gallo used to front Philly band Toy Soldiers, but now he's solo and releasing his sophomore effort Heavy Meta, out later this year. Gallo's new single "Kill The Medicine Man," which he's sharing with us today along with a mini-doc via ReverbNation's The Watch List, is a fuzzy, yelping garage rock meditation on getting free from medication and tools of self-medication, and starting fresh.

"'Kill the Medicine Man' is about my personal ideology that’s stemmed from the last couple years since I’ve removed alcohol and any kind of drugs from my life," Gallo told The FADER in an email. "I never considered myself as having a drinking problem, but I chose to remove it all from the equation in support of a loved one very dear to me who felt they needed to make those life changes. As a result of this change, I started to realize that 'social drinking' and time wasted in bars kept me in a perpetual haze, stunted my growth as a person and prevented me from facing a lot of the stuff I was keeping down, all while disguised as a fun, normal pastime. I speak with zero judgment, just of my personal experiences with cutting it all out and how that has opened so many windows to self-discovery."


On the same note, I’m angry, saddened and fed up with how easily 'medications' of all kind are just being handed out and creating a plague of addiction, disease and keeping people in a daze. More so than ever, we as a people, should wake up, be alert and not be tamed by the medicine man because we are all a lot more powerful than we are made to think."

Stream "Kill The Medicine Man" and watch "Meet Ron Gallo," via ReverbNation's The Watch List, below.

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Garage Rocker Ron Gallo Premieres "Kill The Medicine Man"