DJ Haram Signs To Discwoman; Listen To “Birds Of Paradise”

The Philly producer behind the city’s ATM night steps out with a taut, tambourine-flecked new track.

March 15, 2016

Philadelphia producer DJ Haram is the latest signing to Discwoman's newly rebranded DW Artists booking agency. Haram is at the center of Philly's club and art scene, running the city's ATM night along with fellow residents/performers FADER Mix alum SCRAAATCH and Marcelline Mandeng. To celebrate Haram joining Discwoman's roster—watch this short film to find out why this is great news—The FADER is excited to premiere her tambourine-flecked new track, "Birds of Paradise." It's a heads-down, in-the-dance number, with plenty of heat and tension.

"'Birds of Paradise' is a small fragment of my disorganized internal musical dialogue," DJ Haram told The FADER over email. "Despite the name it should not be thought of as a delicate flower of a song, more like when you're crying tears of vindictive joy; everything is blurry but somehow more vibrant in color and you begin to appreciate spring's blooming foliage. I look forward expanding on and experimenting with the ideas and sounds in this track in my 2016 productions. Shout out to the motherland for all the fantasies and shout out to Jersey for the real life club music legacy."


"We've rebranded our booking agency to DW Artists and stoked for DJ Haram to be joining the family," Discwoman's Frankie Hutchison told The FADER. "With a more separated agency it means artists have more room to be artists with representation rather than artists with representation branded by Discwoman. With DW Artists our roster can now be the center."

DJ Haram Signs To Discwoman; Listen To “Birds Of Paradise”