"Fuck Donald Trump,” Says Rae Sremmurd

The Mississippi duo endorsed Bernie Sanders during their set at The FADER FORT.

March 17, 2016

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During a turnt Thursday night set at The FADER FORT Presented by Converse, Rae Sremmurd took a second to remind the sweaty crowd that it was 2016, so they needed to vote. The Atlanta duo were in the middle of playing last year's Sonny Digital-produced "Up Like Donald Trump," but they cut it short. "Fuck Donald Trump," a shirtless Swae Lee shouted, and the crowd roared back. "We're voting for Bernie Sanders," he said. Cheers to that.


Backstage, Swae Lee elaborated. "Man, he’s a businessman," he told The FADER. "He shouldn’t be trying to go into office with it. Leave that to the real politicians. Still get your money, but you don’t need to put a negative influence in the world. People are already gullible. Don’t lead them in the wrong direction. We’re trying to see progress. Sremm life."

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"Fuck Donald Trump,” Says Rae Sremmurd