How Young Metro Boomin Actually Decides Who To Trust

What trust really means to Young Metro, in his words.

March 21, 2016

When Drake came through The FADER FORT in Austin last week, in a surprise headlining performance to showcase his OVO Sound roster, there was just one non-OVO artist he invited up onstage: Metro Boomin. That’s trust.

Metro had headlined FORT himself a few days prior, presiding over a procession of his latest and greatest hits that featured guest appearances from DJ Esco, Lil Uzi Vert, and SheLovesMeechie. Ahead of the performance, he opened up about the reality behind his now-infamous (and infinitely memed) drop: If Young Metro don’t trust you, I’m gon shoot you.


METRO BOOMIN: "I can't really trust you if you asking me do I trust you. That's number one. All the people who've texted and DMed or asked me that? I really can't trust a person who's asking me, ‘Do you trust me?’ That's sus. So you already out of the running. Niggas who's got the trust know they got it.

“It make me think, do I trust anybody? Honestly. A lot of the people I trust, I been rockin with, came up with, struggled with. But that's not always the same thing as trust, either. For new people gaining my trust, I really go off energy and intuition. Anything can happen. You go off of people. It's like a vibe, a feeling. Like, ‘OK, let me kind of start to trust this person.’ And if you show me otherwise, that's just that. I peep all that shit.”

How Young Metro Boomin Actually Decides Who To Trust