JD. Reid And Tev’n Remix Skepta’s “Nasty”

A diss track turns smooth.

Photographer Vicky Grout
March 21, 2016
JD. Reid And Tev’n Remix Skepta’s “Nasty”

Last year JD. Reid shared Me+1, a collaborative tape with ItsNate full of glossy synths and mutant percussive patterns. In 2016, before the release of his new project and his work on Katy B's upcoming Honey, he's dropped a Bandcamp collection of edits and remixes including one of Skepta's “Nasty.”


Assisted by Tev'n, the Devilman diss track is defanged into a craggy collage. Skepta's slighted vocals lose their definition and become another instrument in a perfectly balanced mix of the caterwauling and the soulful. Check out the full collection of EDITS+BEATS on Bandcamp and read Skepta's cover story here.

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JD. Reid And Tev’n Remix Skepta’s “Nasty”