How Young Thug Met His Wife-To-Be

“I was like, you’re a rapper and I already know what’s that about.”

March 25, 2016

When Young Thug sings I'mma sit back and pay attention like school on you on "Worth It"—a slurry, slow love song off the rapper's new mixtape Slime Season 3—he's most likely referring to the woman who has become the singular subject of his study, his wife-to-be Jerrika Karlae.

Jerrika and Young Thug (or Jeff, as she refers to him) first crossed paths two and a half years ago at Gucci Mane's studio. She was there with her mother, who manages Young Dolph. She admits she was looking kinda cute, but she was not there looking for love. So, when Thug approached her that first time she sort of shrugged it off. "I was like, you're a rapper and I already know what's that about," she explained in an interview with The FADER last month.

They quickly became friends, but it wasn't until Thug began to show interest in her swimsuit and makeup businesses that Jerrika saw potential for something more. "He's not only so into himself, he's so into me and he's really seeing potential in me," she says.

In the video above, Jerrika describes that first meeting and how she became the girl who get what she wants when she whine (like this Chanel bag).


How Young Thug Met His Wife-To-Be