FADER Mix: Darq E Freaker

The grime and hip-hop producer goes deep down a rave rabbit hole.

March 29, 2016

Darq E Freaker productions are designed to make your speakers throb and your face screw up no matter where in the world you're listening. The south London-based beatmaker has worked with big MCs on both sides of the Atlantic, from grime stalwarts like D Double E to amped-up Detroit rapper Danny Brown. This April, he returns with the ADHD EP, a collection of elasticated, neon productions that stretch the boundaries of genre even further, bobbing and weaving in and out of strobe lights and heavy trance synths. As he puts it in the press release, "The main thing is that it's RAVE music." To get in the mood, the producer has put together a breakneck FADER mix of his own deep cuts to rave to; get your sunglasses on before you dive in below.


Where are you right now? Please describe your surroundings.


DARQ E FREAKER: 49 Howard Street, apt 4S, New York, NY 10013. It's a multipurpose creative space, models everywhere.

Tell us a bit about this mix. What are you hoping people will do while listening to it?

In short, this is a mix for an avid Darq E Freaker fan.


The ADHD EP is infused with rave nostalgia. What does rave mean to you?

To me, rave is about inebriation-induced euphoria, followed by drunken fast food binging.

You’ve worked with MCs on both sides of the pond, from Danny Brown to D Double E. Who would be your dream collaborator?


Fela Kuti, if I could add some drums behind his stuff.

What's your earliest musical memory?

Watching break dancing on my uncle’s VCR…that was really influencing.


And finally, what's your favorite dish to cook and how do you make it?

My famous Cajun Prawn Pepper Surprise…and I can’t tell you, it's a surprise.


Gunplay—"Aiight" ft. Rick Ross (Darq E Freaker remix)
Darq E Freaker—"Honey"
Darq E Freaker—"Roses Gabor"
Darq E Freaker—"Dolphin Funk"
Darq E Freaker—"B4U RMX" ft. Rachel Foxx
Darq E Freaker—"Butterscotch"
Darq E Freaker—"Nautica"
Darq E Freaker—"Xscape" ft. Liv
Darq E Freaker—"Insomnia"
Darq E Freaker—"Raspberry"
Darq E Freaker—"Trick"
Darq E Freaker—"Aztec"
Darq E Freaker—"Prince Valiant"
Darq E Freaker—"I'm That Guy"
Darq E Freaker—"Mystic II"
NU BRAND FLEXXX - "Party Animal" (prod. Darq E Freaker)
Darq E Freaker—"Burning in Paris"
Darq E Freaker—???

Big Dada will release ADHD on April 1 in the U.K., April 15 in the U.S.

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FADER Mix: Darq E Freaker