Logan Takahashi Explores The Organic Side Of Technology On “Rekr”

NoGeo drops April 15.

Next month, Logan Takahashi, one half of the electronic duo Teengirl Fantasy (and full disclosure: FADER fam), will release his debut solo album, a project inspired by Ryuichi Sakamoto and the early aughts Brooklyn tabletop electronics scene, titled NoGeo.

A crunchy meditative track "Cella" led-off the album. Today, he has shared a second: an undulating number called "Rekr" that rises and falls, and is peppered with electrode-zap and jitters.


"‘Rekr’ is one of the earlier tracks I started while making this record," Takahashi wrote in an email to The FADER describing the track. "It’s in a 7/4 time signature which gives it a kind of forward rolling feel. I wanted to play with ideas of fluid motion, and obscuring ’the grid’ somewhat. A big inspiration for this track is the notion of digital forms being rooted in natural material—the inherent organicness of technology and the inherent mechanicalness of nature."

Listen to "Rekr" below; NoGeo is out April 15, preorder it here.

Logan Takahashi Explores The Organic Side Of Technology On “Rekr”