Ian Connor Addresses Sexual Assault Allegations On Twitter

Connor denied the allegations on Twitter.

April 14, 2016


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Two women have accused Ian Connor—known recently for his collaboration with Kanye West—of sexual assault. Last week, Malika Anderson wrote a blog post titled “Ian Connor Is a Rapist, and I Know Firsthand.” Anderson alleged that Connor raped her in October of 2014. Subsequently the singer Jean Deaux came forward in a post titled “For Malika” alleging that Connor raped her in 2013.


Broadly confirmed that a report of a sexual assault that matches Anderson's description was filed with the police in Georgia last December. The police told Broadly that the investigation is ongoing.

Connor addressed the allegations on Twitter last week, writing “Ain't No Coincidence I Make My First Big Magazine Cover For A Bitch To Make Up Allegations For Her Own Self Esteem Purposes.” Last night he went on a lengthy Twitter screed. “Your Hate Doesn't Stop Me From Making 5 Digit Numbers A Month Nor Does It Stop My Influence In The World,” he declared. Later he added, “I Ian Conor Am Not A Rapist Nor Do I Condone Rape In Any Shape or Form, I Don't Respect Liars Nor Forced Situations.”

See his tweets below.

Ian Connor Addresses Sexual Assault Allegations On Twitter