FKi’s 1st Announces Debut Solo Project First Time For Everything, Shares Video For NJOMZA Collab

Featuring Bankroll Fresh, iLove Makonnen, Post Malone, and more.

April 15, 2016

They aren't breaking up, but 1st, one half of the foundational Atlanta production set FKi, is beginning to branch out.


Earlier this week, 1st announced his first solo venture with the release of "For What It's Worth," a woozy track which he produced on his own and performs on, alongside Chicago singer NJOMZA. Today, he is back to share a video for that track (above) as well as details for what will be his debut solo project.

Titled First Time For Everything, the six-track project is slated to feature appearances from Bankroll Fresh, iLoveMakonnen, Post Malone (whom 1st is largely responsible for), Danny Seth, and more. "There’s hip-hop, R&B, alternative songs on it," 1st told The FADER in an email. "I got to work with my friends and grow musically and mentally through this project."


As for the "What It's Worth" video, it is sweet and simple: mostly close-ups of 1st and NJOMZA set against iTunes visualizer-style animations, but also a bodega hang. It was inspired by the song's lyrics, 1st explained. "The video is just really simple with cool visuals," he wrote. I tried to be normal, but that shit ain't work.

He added: "Gotta thank James DeFina and Sean at Mad Decent for helping to bring it to life."

Watch the video for "What It's Worth" above, and read more about 1st's solo venture and First Time For Everything below.



What made you decide to branch out from FKi?

1st: FKi is a squad. Its really no different from ASAP, like Rocky and Ferg dropping projects. Rich and I support each other in everything we do. We are brothers, we go back to high school. This is actually what we always envisioned for FKi—producing, rapping, developing other artists, putting out our own projects and just spreading the Atlanta sauce worldwide.

How does your process change when you are on your own?

My own process is I just sit and listen to old classic soul and funk music, and alternative classics too. Then I meditate for awhile. Starting off with the melody and then finish it off with the beat.

My process has always been the same since I really started learning how to produce and make songs. Back then I was tired of being in my mom’s basement so I had to figure out ways to get into studios, hanging around interning and shit, engineering and mixing. Learned a lot from Ludacris, Mr Collipark, and even Tip—they just put me on a lot of game. Just watching them freestyling and finishing songs fast. The quantity of songs they would make in one session was crazy.

How would you describe your sound, when you are working on your own?

A nice indie sound, but still always has that Atlanta influence on it with the 808s. I listen to a lot of different styles of music and I like to collaborate with other genres, so my sound can go in different directions. One day it may be a collab with Major Lazer on a reggae vibe, then next day I could be making an EP with Florence + The Machine.

What can we expect from this project?

Consistent music dropping. It’s time. There’s hip-hop, R&B, alternative songs on it. I got to work with my friends and grow musically and mentally through this project.


1st Time For Everything tracklist:

1. "Prove Yourself," f. Danny Seth
2. "The Meaning," f. Post Malone
3. "Git," f. Bankroll Fresh
4. "For What It's Worth," f. NJOMZA
5. "Echoes," f. Eikka
6. "Forever," f. iLoveMakonnen

FKi’s 1st Announces Debut Solo Project First Time For Everything, Shares Video For NJOMZA Collab