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Watch Electro Legend Egyptian Lover Get Down In A New Video For "I Cry (Night After Night)"

The ‘80s rap and dance music icon shares a fresh video for an old song, in celebration of his anthology box set.

April 19, 2016

Back in 1984, electronic musician, lowkey legend, purveyor of electro rap, and influencer of West Coast hip-hop Egyptian Lover recorded a song called "I Cry (Night After Night)." It features guitar by Chuck Gentry and was mixed by Egyptian Lover and Peanut Butter Wolf, and was originally released on the album On The Nile by Egyptian Empire Records. Three decades later, Egyptian Lover's got an anthology box set out on Stones Throw and, in honor of the occasion, has taken it upon himself to record this brand-new music video for what he calls one of his "all-time favorite songs."


"The song 'I Cry (Night After Night)' was really different from the other music I've made," Egyptian Lover told The FADER over email. "It was inspired by one of my father's Dean Martin records, 'The Middle of the Night is my Cryin' Time' I loved how Dino could be soft but such a ladies' man. I wanted to be him."

"There we were beneath the hot Los Angeles sun, my tireless crew digging for days, in shifts, into the deep sand and bedrock of Vermont Square," recounted director Zev Deans. "Just when we were about to give up, my shovel hit something solid with a loud thunk. I brushed the sand off, to reveal an ancient VHS tape covered in hieroglyphics. Could this be a relic from the great Pharaoh of 1984, the one they call the Egyptian Lover?"

Watch Electro Legend Egyptian Lover Get Down In A New Video For "I Cry (Night After Night)"