Beliefs Share “Get There,” A Lucid Shoegazing Odyssey

Cop a free download of the new between-albums single from the Toronto rock band

April 21, 2016
Beliefs Share “Get There,” A Lucid Shoegazing Odyssey James Mejia / Hand Drawn Dracula

Beliefs are a Toronto band working on their third album of aurora-colored rock, and “Get There” is a free downloadable non-album single recorded during the sessions for their second LP Leaper. Along with a member of Toronto dream-poppers Elsa, Beliefs track the sensation of getting lost in a current, the kind of zoning out commonly associated with this kind of shoegaze. But the propulsion driving it is benevolent and calming: going on what the band’s Jesse Crowe told us via email, it's like a nighttime snooze in the backseat of your parents’s car.


'Get There' is a collaboration between Beliefs and Elsa's Jonathan Rogers. It's describes a road trip that feel like it will never end, running from your life and having no idea where you're going. The lines on the road glow with the reflection of the moon. The pavement stretches on forever. There's no destination except for the company.

Beliefs Share “Get There,” A Lucid Shoegazing Odyssey