Jesse Mac Cormack Tears Up The Desert In “Repeat”

The Montreal rocker sends a soured relationship off with a scream.

May 04, 2016

In his new video for “Repeat,” Jesse Mac Cormack presents a novel method for breaking up with someone: lose them in the desert, then play your barroom Montreal rock as loud as your distraught heart can bear as your ex-lover chases you down. Gentlemanly? Perhaps not. But it makes for good music.


At least that's my interpretation of the Frédérique Bérubé-directed clip. Mac Cormack gave us his vision of the song over email. Grab “Repeat” on iTunes.

You move on and try so many different things on different people and still the first time you tasted love and sex together has marked you forever. You have a new life that suits you in many ways but it just isn't enough for you to really move past it. Everything you say, feel or do makes you crave for what you had.

Jesse Mac Cormack Tears Up The Desert In “Repeat”