Rihanna Launches College Scholarship Program

The singer expands her philanthropic efforts.

May 09, 2016

"To be able to give the gift of an education is actually an honor," Rihanna explains in a statement released today. The singer's Clara Lionel Foundation just announced a new program to provide students from Barbados, Brazil, Cuba, Haiti, Guyana, Jamaica, and the U.S. with financial aid to help them shoulder the cost of attending American universities. Applications for scholarships are open until June 10, and 50 students will be awarded funds.


"A lot of these kids, they're really smart and they're doing really well in school," Rihanna notes in a video promoting the initiative. "But they may not have the access or the financial stability to take it any further than that. That's why we started this program."

Learn more about Rihanna's efforts below.

Rihanna Launches College Scholarship Program