Hefe Wine Premieres “Pop My Trunk” Video, Thanks To Beyoncé

10 years following its original release, the Houston rapper’s track has buzz again.

May 26, 2016

Its been a long and winding road, but Houston rapper Hefe Wine's "Pop My Trunk" has at last found its spotlight—in large part thanks to another H-Town native who has been putting on for the icy low-rider anthem in a major way.


"A few weeks ago, I had at least 100 text messages on my phone — and I don't even know 100 people like that," Hefe recalled in an email to The FADER. "Everyone was saying 'Beyoncé is dancing to your song at her concert!", and at first I brushed it off, but the texts persisted."

And so did Beyoncé: she's included "Pop My Trunk" in a dance medley on her Formation Tour, giving the decade old track a new life. And to celebrate, Hefe Wine has released a video for the track, premiering today on The FADER.

"'Pop My Trunk' is a true testimony of how great hits are made. Producers and artists don't have the power to choose what becomes a hit song, the people do," he said. "I just want to say thanks to Beyoncé for blessing my song."

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Hefe Wine Premieres “Pop My Trunk” Video, Thanks To Beyoncé