Future On Cancelled Summer Jam Performance: “We Couldn’t Be More Disappointed”

In a statement, his manager wrote: “The festival organizers came to Future’s dressing room and personally asked him to leave immediately.”

June 06, 2016

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Future was scheduled to headline Sunday night’s Hot 97 Summer Jam. While he was present at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey on the night of the festival, he did not ultimately perform there, when the show went on after weather delays.


Future addressed the apparent cancellation of his set Sunday night on Twitter. “Radio station told me to leave...major pump fake,” he wrote.

In a press release Monday morning, Hot 97 wrote: "We share your disappointment that due to the delayed start, as well as a curfew and an end deadline for the last train out of Secaucus, that we were unable to get everyone on stage tonight we had hoped would perform."

Previously, on Saturday, Future’s set at Philadelphia’s Roots Picnic had been cut short after sound issues. On Monday afternoon, Future’s manager Anthony Saleh released a statement about both performances. Future was asked to leave Summer Jam after a fight on the floor prompted a show delay, Saleh said. Future was “crushed,” he continued, but looks forward to connecting with fans on the upcoming Summer Sixteen tour with Drake, which kicks off July 20 in Texas.

Manager Anthony Saleh on Future performances at The Roots Picnic and Hot 97 Summer Jam:

Future's two big performances were severely affected this weekend due to a firestorm of unfortunate events. To begin with, the generator that powered the sound at The Roots picnic went out multiple times during Future's set and he was forced against his own will to end the show early. Then yesterday, as most know, the storm that was fast approaching the NY/NJ area affected Hot 97's Summer Jam. We sat around and watched the storm come and pass, ready to hit the stage. Once we arrived at Summer Jam there apparently was a riot that broke out in a section during another set. We were told that the station was forced by the city and the venue to cut us from the show. The festival organizers came to Future's dressing room and personally asked him to leave immediately. Future was crushed by the request but was told it was in the best interest and for everyone's safety that he leave. We couldn't be more disappointed but we promise our fans that in spite of the rocky start we will do everything in our power to make this summer one for the history books!!! #SummerSixteen

Future On Cancelled Summer Jam Performance: “We Couldn’t Be More Disappointed”