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Laura Jane Grace Calls For Tighter Gun Control In The Wake Of Orlando Shooting

The Florida-born Against Me! artist spoke to Rolling Stone following the tragedy at Pulse nightclub.

June 13, 2016

Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! has pointed to the ease of firearms access as a contributing factor in the Orlando shooting in which at least 50 people lost their lives on June 12. Speaking to Rolling Stone about the anti-LGBT attack, Grace said that the availability of guns in America is "out of control." Grace is originally from Florida and was born in Gainesville.


"[Guns] were such a part of the culture growing up," Grace said. "Same people who are telling you, 'Oh the government is trying to take away our guns,' are living in extremes where it's like, 'Don't you think this is a little bit out of control that they have that fucking access to weapons?' And for what?"

Omar Mateen, who carried out the attack in Orlando's Pulse nightclub on Sunday, June 12, was on the FBI's radar and had been investigated at least twice for suspected terrorist sympathies, reports The Guardian. The guns used in the attack were purchased legally by the 29 year old.

"It's a horrible thought to say you should react differently – to be less out there, to be less visible, to have less pride, literally. But at the same time, be safe," Grace urged people.

You can support Orlando’s LGBT community in the wake of this tragedy by donating to the Orlando Youth Alliance, a local LGBT organization.

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Laura Jane Grace Calls For Tighter Gun Control In The Wake Of Orlando Shooting