PnB Rock Isn’t Ready To Settle Down On “Selfish”

Listen as the Philadelphia rapper croons to his lover who he doesn’t want to get away.

June 23, 2016


Today, PnB Rock releases his new song "Selfish" where he slows it down to tell a the woman he's caught feelings for that she doesn't need anyone else. He charms her with compliments and praise and even though he knows he's not in a place to get serious, he doesn't want other guys to get close.

It doesn't seem fair and he's aware of it, but he expresses his feelings anyway. I'm not ready for no commitments but I swear I hate seeing you with them/ I can't help how I feel, I'm just keeping it real, he sings. In this honest tune, a smitten Rock carries a melody that rides over the beat in such a likable way that it might just persuade his love interest to hold it down.

Over email, PnB Rock explained the inspiration for the song to The FADER: “I wrote this song about one specific girl who I was chilling with in the studio. This song really started as me just singing to her, being smooth and shit. I didn’t think anything of it until it was stuck in my head so I had to get in the booth and record it. It’s funny because I don’t even speak to the girl anymore.”

PnB Rock Isn’t Ready To Settle Down On “Selfish”